Professional Office Cleaning

Here at Office Care we recognise the importance a clean office environment plays in the successful operation of a company. It is essential that an area exists in which your workforce and clients feel comfortable and motivated.

An untidy and dirty office space can reflect badly on a business, so selecting a company that provides office cleaning to the highest degree is also important.

We have branches located in Derby and Nottingham, and provide professional office cleaning to commercial premises throughout the local area.

We realise that the commercial cleaning requirements vary from client to client, and therefore provide bespoke commercial cleaning solutions, tailored to the needs of each individual business. Our dedicated and professional workforce are trained to the highest standards and take real care in the commercial cleaning they carry out whether it be adding a streak free finish to your windows or carrying out professional carpet cleaning throughout your office.

Stadium & Events Cleaning

Here at Office Care we pride ourselves on delivering an unbeatable standard of commercial cleaning on a huge scale. We have our own tried and tested model of excellence for our stadium and events cleaning which not only delivers excellent commercial cleaning standards but also great value for money.

We know that cleanliness is of the highest importance for your corporate clients, match day supporters and events visitors. Our dedicated team of hard working, highly trained professionals are always on hand to deliver an excellent level. Our experience includes cleaning the iPro stadium for 12 years, both full and U21 England International team games as well as extremely popular rock concerts.

Our experience also includes the commercial cleaning of Derbyshire County Cricket Club for 8 years and the Nottingham Grey Hound Stadium since January 2013. Visit out testimonials page to read case studies on our Stadium & Events Cleaning.

At Office Care we know that every venue is unique, which is why we are able to deliver a bespoke stadium package which includes the daily management of the cleaning team and commercial cleaning of all aspects of your stadium. We can provide not only an experienced service but a professional and great value for money option for any stadium across the UK.

If you require daily commercial cleaning of corporate and executive areas, stadium areas, exterior cleaning as well as pre and post game or event cleaning then we are here for you.

Car Showroom Cleaning Services In Derby & Nottingham

Here at Office Care we fully recognise the high standards required in order to give your car showroom the wow factor, and therefore provide high quality commercial cleaning services to car dealerships and showrooms in Derby, Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

Over the years Office Care have been carrying out car showroom cleaning to the highest level and have many years experience of working with established car dealerships within the local area, all of whom are long term and satisfied customers.

We realise that first impressions are everything when it comes to car showrooms, and having a well presented space in which to sell your vehicles is essential. If your showroom isn’t clean, then potential customers wont want to stay around long enough to purchase. Car showrooms are generally large areas, with lots of glass, polished floors and slick looking lounge areas – and that’s why we are certain that high standards in cleaning is essential.

Here at Office Care we recognise the high standards required in order to give your car showroom the wow factor, and therefore provide professional commercial cleaning services in Derby, Nottingham and the surrounding local areas. All of our staff are trained to the best of standards and take full pride in the work they carry out.

Commercial Cleaning – Carpets

Office Care provide specialist carpet cleaning services to commercial and business premises throughout Derby, Nottingham and throughout the Midlands. Our wealth of experience has enabled us to become one of the top providers of commercial cleaning services in the area, and we know exactly what is required in order to get your premises looking clean and fit for business.

We use the latest carpet cleaning technology to ensure that your carpets are cleaned to the most professional standards, protecting your property and using environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products. Commercial carpet cleaning provided by Office Care will result in a clean looking office environment.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and offer bespoke packages for businesses of all sizes, working to the terms of our clients. All of our employees are trained to the highest of standards and realise the importance of representing your brand to the highest level.

Commercial Cleaning – Windows

Here at Office Care we pride ourselves on delivering commercial window cleaning services to the highest of standards, offering flexible packages, tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. We are extremely proud to have developed our business from a father and son company providing window cleaning with ladders, into a fully operational and professional cleaning company which uses the latest pure water reach and wash systems.

We provide commercial window cleaning service in Derby, Nottingham and the East Midlands.

We continually invest in new equipment to ensure that our clients benefit and that the job is delivered efficiently and the highest of commercial cleaning standards. Our cleaning system is designed to use ‘pure water’, eradicating the need to use cleaning agents and chemicals.

The water is filtered to remove any minerals and impurities that may leave windows looking streaky and unclean.

The main advantages of our commercial window cleaning systems are:

* Spotless windows, due to minerals and impurities being removed from the water.

* Window cleaning is carried out from ground level, maximising safety and time efficiency.

* The efficient system means less disruption to your staff and clients.

* Areas such as fascias, frames and signage are easier to clean, meaning increased results.

Education Cleaning

Here at Office Care we understand just how important a clean and hygienic work place or classroom can be. An unclean office or classroom can not only be detrimental to your work and learning but also to your health.

When it comes to classrooms, cleanliness is key. It is so important to have an uncluttered learning environment to allow everyone to learn effectively and comfortably. A clear work space means a clear mind which is why we always clean to the very highest standard.

Classrooms and offices, can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses so it is even more important to choose a high quality cleaning company for your educational cleaning to try to minimise the spread of illness. Illness is never fun which is why we pride ourselves on providing a hygienic working and learning environment for both children and adults.

At Office Care we specialise in an efficient and high quality commercial cleaning regime where we can provide daily commercial cleaning services to all aspects of an educational facility including classrooms, offices, sports facilities, exterior cleaning and washrooms. Our dedicated workforce will provide the highest standard of commercial cleaning suited to your specific needs.

All our operatives cleaning in educational buildings such as schools and children’s nurseries undergo strict security checks include DBS checks. They must wear an Office Care uniform and ID badge at all times when they are onsite.

Clinical & Medical Cleaning

Office Care Clean Up Hygiene Standards – CQC Compliant Commercial Cleaning Services

By now as a Medical Centre or Dental Surgery, you will have already registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and be aware of the ongoing compliance and monitoring, in accordance with cleanliness and infection control at your surgery.

Office Care offers a bespoke commercial cleaning schedule to help Doctors & Dental Surgeries work to the CQC National Specification for Cleanliness Standards. We will work closely with surgery staff to ensure cleaning routines are followed and assist with the implementation of a suitable commercial cleaning plan. Office Care also provides a full range of washroom & sanitary services that comply with CQC standards.

With Office Care’s innovative style of cleaning, we are the preferred partner for surgeries and medical centres across the East Midlands. Our CQC compliant commercial cleaning service includes:

Working to infection control standards in all aspects of the cleaning and storage of equipment onsite
Disposable cloths and mops used where required
Colour coded cleaning system
Monthly audits analysing each room in detail
Sanitising product used to kill all germs
Advice on areas to improve and change within the practice to become CQC compliant
Detailed schedule provided to ensure high risk areas are cleaned daily

Office Care having been trusted for over 25 years to deliver outstanding commercial cleaning services, to a range of businesses throughout the local and surrounding areas. Our services include, daily cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning & window cleaning along with the provision of washroom consumables & janitorial products.

Janitorial Supplies & Commercial Cleaning Products

At Office Care we have many years of experience in the commercial cleaning sector. We know that the correct janitorial supplies and commercial cleaning products are essential for a high standard of cleaning. We are passionate about our commercial cleaning products as we know they stand you in the best position hygienically as well as environmentally.

At Office Care we have always aimed to use environmentally friendly cleaning products such as microfibre dusters and cloths which reduce the need for harsh chemicals, eco-friendly vacuum cleaners and we always ensure to use as little plastic as possible and always recycle what we do use.

It is this dedication to green cleaning that has led us to supply our own janitorial supplies and commercial cleaning products. Our own P-Wave for example, cold-formed vinyl urinal screens and bowl clips contain up to 20 x more fragrance than standard toilet air fresheners with none of the CFCs found in aerosol washroom fresheners. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they smell great too, with each scent gradually releasing over 30 days. Available in Mango, Ocean Mist, Honeysuckle and the delightfully festive Spiced Apple, perfect for your commercial cleaning needs.

If environmentally friendly commercial cleaning is something you are interested in then do not hesitate to give us a call. We have been developing products that we know from experience will not only make great cleaning products but also have a positive effect environmentally.

Health Club & Leisure Centre Cleaning

Office Care is a leading commercial cleaning company providing services to many sectors including the health and fitness industry. We work with a range of fitness clubs, leisure centres and gyms ranging from premium clubs to standalone gyms, cleaning to a high standard to provide a healthy and attractive environment for their members.

Our experience cleaning gyms and health clubs means we understand the unique requirements of cleaning leisure facilities and can therefore create solutions that enhance member experience and satisfaction. With long opening hours and a high footfall, it is fundamentally important to use the right products and detailed schedules to get the cleaning right.

Leisure cleaning is amongst the hardest there Is. The mix of body fats, calcium deposits and specialist flooring requires a greater knowledge of the science of cleaning. During our 25 years of experience we have made adjustments to our chemical, equipment and machinery range to best complement leisure centre cleaning and the unique challenges it presents. The innovative products we use sanitise to kill all bacteria and C.difficile cleaning to the CQC standards required in medical practices.

Office Care provides a comprehensive commercial cleaning service tailored to your needs. Our bespoke health club cleaning programme is developed to suit the challenges presented by each site and cover many crucial aspects of cleanliness and hygiene. Whether you need a comprehensive one-off clean for your gym, spa or other leisure premises, or are looking for a more regular daily commercial cleaning service we can draw up a plan to suit your needs.

To date, Office Care has delivered cost reductions, increased member satisfaction and improved standards for our gyms, health and fitness clubs and leisure sector clients.